The renovated facade of the conventional building is voluntarily discreet. Awnings and black rigorous bars do not reveal anything. Only the dim light filters behind the curtains and captivates. We dare enter.

A relaxed elegance

The lobby could be that of a private mansion, precious and intimate at once with its gold leaf ceilings. The leopard pattern grabs the attention and unfolds on the steps of a narrow staircase that leads to the twenty-three bedrooms, not one more. One senses here, the unique experience of luxury will not be so classic. Like the Felidae dear to the muses Mitzah Bricard and Jeanne Toussaint in the fifties, the Mathis rebels, far from the too well controlled decorative combinations. A hint of wild darkness.


Haute couture service

No home automation, no ostentatious design, the Mathis cultivates a home spirit and maintains a privileged relationship with its residents, by offering an upscale customized service, which is discreet and friendly. Management, room service, concierge, the confidential and loyal team, wants to pamper its guests and anticipate their needs. The hotel experience is transformed into customized sequences of life. For all travelers in search of privacy and freedom, we seize chosen moments. Sheltered.

Tipping point between two worlds, the deep dark of the passageways gives in to a more velvety atmosphere in the private spaces. The Mathis did not wait to mix genres. In the bedrooms where the tumult of the city never pierces, the sweetness is expressed in chiaroscuro. The clear or black wooden floor depending on the room, warms the atmosphere. The wallpapers with palm and bird motifs balance with even textured raspberry and cream to silver gray drapes. The quality furniture, baroque mirrors, single out the suites. The chosen objects, precious or not, could be family ones, without doubt this is why we would always like to stay at the Mathis, as it feels like at home. The King Size beds are coiled with generous headboards, duvets and cushions that invite laziness. The antique gold does not overtake, it just provides positive, caring waves.


Insider’s Secret

« The Mathis’ secret is also its memory, its personality mingles with that of the founder 

Jean-Philippe Cartier President of H8 Collection and owner of Hôtel Mathis.

A true refuge, the opposite of a design or minimalist train station concourse that is impersonal:

“Françoise Sagan, Jacques Chazot, Alexis de Rédé, Dani, Roman Polanski, Jean-Paul Aron, Yves Saint-Laurent, Bernard Buffet, Pierre Bénichou, Frédéric Botton, Edouard Baer…all these enthusiast of extra time understood that HE was arriving. Heads turn toward the door, like sunflowers in unison. A meter ninety of joy stops in the middle of the loung e; Gérald Nanty has arrived in his home.”*

When he opens in 1996, he deliberately displays his contempt for the trends, the flashy, the show off. He receives creators of all ends, writers, actors and actresses, men of letters and politicians, away from the paparazzi.

Gérald Nanty had the intuition of this singular hangout where one can take refuge rather than show off, and make real encounters. The alchemy is today intact. As a malicious filter, it captures and captivates without imposing anything. Freely selective, the Mathis became without appearing, the envy of today. The bet of a certain Paris. The gate of the elevator closes.

*Bel de Nuit, Gérald Nanty, Elizabeth Quin, Grasset, 2007


Visit Paris

The avenue des Champs-Elysées is nick named as the « The most beautiful Avenue in the world ». This avenue symbolizes Paris as well as the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the most must see places in the city because a lot of events take place there such as: the French National Day Parade on the 14th of July, Commemoration ceremonies of the WWI and WWII and the Tour de France only to name these. This avenue has a lot of boutiques and restaurants.

The legendary Avenue Montaigne: a great place for those who are fond of fashion and luxury brands. On this Avenue we can find the world-renowned French and International haute couture Institutions.

Desirous of enjoying a walk in a Parisian garden: Les Tuileries. This garden is located at the end of the 2km long Champs-Elysées. A nice way to enjoy a small getaway during your stay in the city.

Paris is a « ville musée ». If you are not done with that, Paris offers you plenty of beautiful museums to visit : Le Petit et Grand Palais. Le Palais de la découverte. At the end of the Tuileries garden is located the most visited museum in the world: Le Louvre, which has a lot of masterpieces.

Don’t hesitate to visit the City of Lights by night and to end your beautiful evening you can go to one of the trendiest Night Clubs in the Capital.

Thank you for your visit

Due to this crisis on an unprecedented scale, Hotel Mathis is and will remain closed until 20th of January 2021. Until then, you can book your next trip with confidence. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. See you soon. Fermer